De evolutie van Leicester City in 33 gifs (plus de devolutie van het cynisme onder de fans)

Op de sociale nieuwssite heeft de Nederlandse gebruiker u/DiedPiepMuis ons allemaal een grote dienst verleend...

Op de sociale nieuwssite heeft de Nederlandse gebruiker u/DiedPiepMuis ons allemaal een grote dienst verleend door een overzicht te maken van het seizoen van Leicester City aan de hand van reacties op de wedstrijdresultaten van de ploeg.

Als Leicester City op dag 1 van de Premier League de leiding neemt met een 4-2 overwinning op degradatiekandidaat Sunderland, wordt er nog om gelachen. Maar nu, na 33 wedstrijden, staat de ploeg op de eerste plaats en is het gat met Tottenham Hotspur opgelopen tot 7 punten. Heel de wereld is op dit moment fan van Leicester, dat nu wel heel erg dichtbij het meest onverwachtse kampioenschap. Om over het jongensboek van topschutter Jamie Vardy maar te zwijgen.

De evolutie van de club tijdens dit krankzinnige seizoen:

Matchday 1: Leicester 4 - 2 Sunderland

Matchday 2: West Ham 1 - 2 Leicester

Matchday 3: Leicester 1 - 1 Tottenham

  • "Massive result for Spurs going away from home against a title contender and nicking a point to keep them above Sunderland in the relegation race." - /u/SalvadorsDeli
  • "Bandwagon is filling up quick boys, hop on while you still can" - /u/Gregmire

Matchday 4: Bournemouth 1 - 1 Leicester

Matchday 5: Leicester 3 - 2 Aston Villa

Matchday 6: Stoke 2 - 2 Leicester

  • "They [Leicester] look so damn impressive Leicester don't they, there spirit might get them into the top ten this season." - /u/EricB91

Matchday 7: Leicester 2 - 5 Arsenal

Matchday 8: Norwich 1 - 2 Leicester

Matchday 9: Southampton 2 -2 Leicester

Matchday 10: Leicester 1 - 0 Crystal Palace

  • "We [Leicester] need to keep up these kinds of performances if we can even consider top 10. Future's looking bright boys." - /u/DarkVoidize
  • "Jamie Vardy for player of the year?" - /u/idreamofpikas

Matchday 11: West Brom 2 - 3 Leicester

  • "think we [Leicester] might actually be quite good? i'm just waiting for an implosion but we keep on winning" -/u/vidas12
  • "Jamie Vardy is like a hilarious joke that has got dangerously out of hand." - /u/hazzwright
  • "When will Mahrez and Vardy stop? At this stage it's gotten beyond a joke." - /u/dpgingo

Matchday 12: Leicester 2 - 1 Watford

  • "If Man City and Arsenal lose we're literally joint top of the table on points... fucking hell 12 games in." -/u/muhelos

Matchday 13: Newcastle 0 - 3 Leicester

  • "Leicester is on top of the table and it's not August anymore." - [deleted]
  • "Vardy is something else." - /u/CoolHandHazard
  • "13 games in top of the league. At what point can we unironically talk about Leicester winning the league?" -/u/muhelos

Matchday 14: Leicester 1 - 1 Manchester United

  • "Massive point for Manchester United. Hanging on like that against Leicester shows how far they've come under Van Gaal." - Gary Lineker
  • "Hoping for 7th this season[Leicester]" - /u/vidas12

Matchday 15: Swansea 0 - 3 Leicester

Matchday 16: Leicester 2 - 1 Chelsea

  • "I wouldn't change any of it for this feeling at the moment. I'm in fucking dream land." - /u/Daz93
  • "It's just a miracle." - /u/WhitneysMiltankOP
  • "This is probably the greatest Premier League season of all time." - /u/Mogwaii
  • "At what point exactly will Leicester start to dip in form" - /u/oli44
  • "If you told me 1st placed Leicester beat 16th placed Chelsea before the season started I don't think I would ever believe you. Unreal fucking season so far" - /u/Optism
  • "I'm not even mad we're [Arsenal] not first anymore" - /u/yung_scott
  • "OK, I believe." - /u/zeelaw

Matchday 17: Everton 2 - 3 Leicester

  • "The thing is, I'm not even surprised at this point. Isn't it scary?" - /u/DarkVoidize
  • "Leicester City become the first team in the Premier League era to go 17 games without playing anyone good. A miracle!" - /u/DasBlunder
  • "they [Leicester] can actually go on and try for the title if they keep Vardy and Mahrez locked in a room during January." - /u/EnergetikNA
  • "Top 4 is looking very likely now." - /u/chezygo
  • "At some point we need to really consider Leicester will win the league." - /u/Longtimelurker66
  • "I believe they can hold on and win it" - /u/NB0608sd

Matchday 18: Liverpool 1 - 0 Leicester

  • "It's their [Leicester] second loss this season, fucking weird season" - /u/naryn
  • "Still over the moon with our month/season. Onto the next one!" - /u/Hollism94

Matchday 19: Leicester 0 - 0 Manchester City

  • "10/15 points from our "difficult" month." - /u/TardiSeses
  • "Their [Leicester] next 5 are were we'll see if they can continue to be a title contender. Bournemouth, Tottenham, Aston Villa, Stoke and Liverpool. If they can get 10 points or more then I think they'll have a good chance." - /u/PeterG92 (they eventually got 11 points from these games)
  • "I hope Vardy, Kante and especially Mahrez dont get injured so Leicester can at least finish top 4." -/u/berkeguzelaydin

Na de eerste seizoenshelft was dit de stand.

Matchday 20: Leicester 0 - 0 Bournemouth

(Leicester zet een 'slechte' reeks neer met drie wedstrijden zonder doelpunten)

Matchday 21: Tottenham 0 - 1 Leicester

  • "They [Leicester] may or may not win the title but I'm ready to see Leicester vs Barcelona in the group stages next year." - /u/istoppedwrithing
  • " "Now that Leicester's run is over..." my ass." - /u/ironmenon
  • "Fuck it, I [Tottenham flair] want Leicester to win the league now." - /u/idonthaveherpesyet

Matchday 22: Aston Villa 1 - 1 Leicester

  • "Sometimes I forget we're actually Leicester City." - /u/qwertygasm

Matchday 23: Leicester 3 - 0 Stoke

Matchday 24: Leicester 2 - 0 Liverpool

  • "After watching this game, I'm sure Leicester has the potential to win the Premier League." - /u/ACMBruh
  • "I am finally starting to believe they can actually do it." - /u/aninstituteforants
  • "If they get a result at the Etihad then I think it really is on" - /u/yegermeister
  • "Today is the day I start believing, this isn't a big joke anymore." - /u/Paddy31

Matchday 25: Manchester City 1 - 3 Leicester

  • "Starting to question my own existence. Just amazing." - /u/Lgfualol
  • "Alright it's official. 6 or 7 more consecutive wins and we can start taking Leicester seriously." - /u/peon2

Matchday 26: Arsenal 2 - 1 Leicester

  • "The best game this season for story alone" - /u/EdS909
  • "And the collective hearts of neutrals are simultaneously broken" - /u/espo1959

Matchday 27: Leicester 1 - 0 Norwich

Matchday 28: Leicester 2 - 2 West Brom

Matchday 29: Watford 0 - 1 Leicester

Matchday 30: Leicester 1 - 0 Newcastle

  • "Guys, this is what champions do, being able to play poorly and still somehow come out winning." - /u/ncrted
  • "Grinding out 1-0 wins like a true championship winning side does at this stage of the season." - /u/mink_man
  • "This entire season has challenged my beliefs about the universe to the very core." - [deleted]

Matchday 31: Crystal Palace 0 - 1 Leicester

  • "be right back, building a time machine to go back and bet on Leicester winning the league." - /u/zombiejh
  • "Fuck me ragged they're gonna do it" - /u/VanillaFace77
  • "So who do you guys think will play Ranieri in the movie? I was thinking Robert De Niro" - /u/ncrted

Matchday 32: Leicester 1 - 0 Southampton

  • "Just 4 more wins..." - /u/wilis123
  • "Their fourth consecutive 1-0 win...damn if that isn't the stuff of champions." - /u/TyperSniper
  • "Seven points clear... Leicester City is seven points clear in the Premier League. Insane." - /u/Chrisixx

Matchday 33: Sunderland 0 - 2 Leicester

  • "Ranieri crying at the end my god this is real" - /u/TheOneWho_Knocks
  • "I think the most telling thing about Leicester's position, is that had Chelsea or City had this lead, people would be calling the season over. They're not just top, they're comfortably ahead of everyone else" - /u/MikeE98
  • "I can't believe Leicester are gonna win a prem title before Liverpool but I'm so happy for them" - /u/Amaaze98
  • "Happening status: it's" - /u/santikundera